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21 Mezuzas for 2021

Chabad Jewish Center of Winchester is offering YOU a Mezuzah

How Does It Work? 

Join the Campaign!

Bring blessing and security to your home, workplace, and community by affixing a Mezuzah while continuing a 3000 year old tradition!

No Funds? No Problem!

With the help of generous sponsors, we are offering you to pay what you can!

*The standard price for a Mezuzah is approx $45.

Need Help to Put it up?

Give us a call (or text!) - we will stop by to help you!

Share the Joy!

Know someone that would be interested to receive a Mezuzah?

Sign them up - we will take care of the rest!

You may order a Mezuzah for your own home, gift one, or both!

What is a kosher mezuzah?

A mezuzah is not, contrary to popular belief, the outer container. The mezuzah is the parchment scroll within, on which the "Shema" — a biblical passage declaring the oneness of G‑d — is handwritten by an expert scribe. The sacred handwritten parchment scroll is placed on the doorposts of one's home. All doorways of one's home is eligible for a Mezuzah (Front door, back door, bedroom door.... except the bathroom door).

Torah states, that a Kosher Mezuzah protects one from harm, hate, and prolongs one’s life. We can all use some of that :)!


Request or Donate a Mezuzah

Pay what you can for your first Mezuzah!



Thank you for submission!

We will be in touch with you shortly!

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