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the inspiration behind the David Assaraf winchester community sefer torah


The Assaraf family was ecstatic when they received the call they had been waiting for. A kidney match had been found for David. Long hours of dialysis would soon be behind them and David would have a renewed chance to live his life to its fullest. In the summer of 2018, Rochel Dinerman graciously donated her kidney, and David was given a new lease on life. From that day on, the Dinermans and Assarafs were bonded together like one family.


When David heard about the work that Rabbi Yishai Dinerman was doing in Winchester, he did all he could to help their mission take off, including donating seed money, reaching out and providing words of inspiration and support.

Unfortunately, this past summer, David passed away due to other complications unrelated to his kidney. David was a sincere Jew and a proud IDF veteran. This Sefer Torah, which is the first Sefer Torah for Chabad Jewish Center of Winchester, is dedicated in honor of David as a way to continue his legacy - a legacy of love, caring, dedication and support to Chabad Jewish Center of Winchester and to the entire Winchester Jewish community.


We invite you to participate in this historical and meaningful initiative. Every contribution counts. Thank You!

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